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Aikido Center, Mountain View

Children's and Teen's Classes


Day Time Class
Saturday 11:30 - 12:15 pm Children ages 7 - 16
Saturday 12:15 - 1:00 pm Older Children's Advanced Aikido ages 11 - 16

Children, Teens and Aikido

Students learn the art of Aikido: the steps, forms and throws. This work enhances the children's and teen's physical and mental abilities. At the same time, it promotes the development of important social skills as they work with one another. The training environment emphasizes safety within a friendly and respectful atmosphere.

Through a set of warm up exercises and Aikido techniques, children and teens alike improve their awareness and attention, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Physical and mental discipline, as well as self confidence, character and respect for others, grow with each passing month.

Aikido Center has offered Children's and Teen's Classes in Aikido for over 20 years. Instructors are experienced Aikido Students of Shiohira Sensei, and are chosen for their knowledge of Aikido, their ability to work with children and teens, and their positive energies.

Parents are encouraged to visit the dojo with their children and meet the instructors.

Class begins with a set of stretches and low-impact calisthenics intended to warm up the body and prevent injuries during training. All of the children and teens are encouraged to perform the exercises within their level of comfort and ability, but with strict attention to correctness of the form. In making this a part of every class, we ensure safety and the continuing improvement of the student's range of motion and flexibility. Next, students move to practicing their forward and backward rolls. With each step of warmup, the children's and teen's bodies are warming, loosening, becoming ready for the physical activites of class.

Students then work in pairs, practicing attacks and throws that have been taught by the instructor. In working together they are taught from the very technique, to value most their safety and the safety of their partner. Such awareness allows older students to work and help the very youngest of students.

Aikido is a martial art. At Aikido Center, it is taught in accordance to Shiohira Sensei's understanding of Aikido as "The Way", the way to live honorably and in harmony with others. Respect for all peers, instructors and students is always encouraged and demonstrated. The behavioral rules within the dojo are few and simple to learn. Over time students learn them from their senior peers or instructors. As with all things learned, these new skills too will be carried out the doors of the dojo, to family, school, and community.


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Monthly Fees

$35 - one class per week
$50 - more than one class per week